How To Pick The Right Carpet: Basics

Choosing the Right CarpetIf you are buying and choosing the right carpet for the first time, you’ll face many things that can absolutely confuse and even overwhelm you. You will have to make a choice between a huge variety of styles, colors, types and brands of the carpets available in any carpet store or a design shop. The task can be really difficult for an inexperienced carpet buyer, and the following tips on how to choose a good carpet for your house can give you a hand and help to complete this hard task.

First of all, you should decide on the best and the most preferable style of the carpet. This decision depends on the purpose of the carpet and the room where it will be placed to, as well as on the color and style of your house. The most common styles and types of carpets include Freize carpets, Berber (or Looped) carpets, Cut Pile carpets, Saxony carpets or very popular Textured carpets. Also, you need to decide, what carpet fiber will be preferable for you: nylon, acrylic, wool or olefin (Polypropylene).

Therefore, when choosing the right carpet for your house, you actually need to consider four most important factors. Those include color, fiber type, construction and price. Undoubtedly, all these 4 factors are strictly individual and personal, so everything about choosing the right carpet depends only on you. Also, be ready that the process of carpet choosing can take several days, and maybe weeks. Talk to carpet shop consultants, ask for carpet samples and take them home to see, how the carpet will look in the framework of you house design, ask the opinions of your family and friends, be ready for experiments and innovations.

CarpetRemember that carpets are very important elements of your entire home design, and choosing the right carpet for your house is quite a big responsibility. This task is connected with finding an ideal and unique combination of performance, aesthetic properties and your financial expectations to meet the requirements and needs of your personal lifestyle. You should look for something that will definitely match your way of living, and at the same time be able to demonstrate to everyone who comes to your house, who you are and what is your imagination about comfort and homely home.

Modern Ways of Taking Care About Your Carpet

Carpet CleaningIf you want your carpet look great and serve you for many years, you should know how to keep in clean and fresh. Only clean carpets with bright colors and with no stains can create an unforgettable cozy atmosphere in your house. Due to modern developments in carpet cleaning technologies, keeping your carpet clean is something not too difficult and time-consuming, though the results of carpet cleaning procedures do not always meet our expectations. This or that way, carpet cleaning plays a key role for keeping our homes good looking and healthy.

Modern vacuum-cleaning technologies are quite advanced and can provide us with quite high quality cleaning services. However, if a carpet or a rug is in a very heavy use, it frequently contains wet soil and various stains, that can be hard to manage even for the most powerful and advanced vacuum cleaners. The same can be said about  wall-carpets cleaning, and about cleaning of doormats. In such cases, we are usually looking for help of carpet cleaning liquids, special cleaning gels and shampoos, and other products and technologies.

Such technology as steam carpet cleaning is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The process is considered to be a type of so called “deep cleaning” and involves using a special liquid-based cleaning solution. After being placed directly on the carpet, the solution absorbs the dust, soil and other agents creating stain, and then it turns into steam which can be taken away by using a special steam-cleaning machine or a usual vacuum cleaner. It is very important to use only environment friendly and high quality liquid based cleaning agents since low quality products can damage the colors and the structure of your carpet, making it look worn out and not fresh.

Carpet CareShampoo cleaning is another very popular carpet cleaning technique. In terms of this methods, a special cleaning solution is sprayed or distributed with the help of a clean cloth. After the solution have absorbed the dirt, it should be left to dry out, and then it can be removed with a vacuum-cleaner. Many modern women also use the carpet cleaning techniques called bonnet cleaning, or dry powder cleaning, which means spraying the carpet with a specially designed semi-moist powder, drying it out and then removing the remainings of the powder with vacuum-cleaning machine.

Finally, it is possible to use also such high carpet cleaning technologies as electronic cleaning machines and more complicated devices, which work effectively and give excellent results. However, remember that even with today’s high performance cleaning methods, you need to find time and regularly spend efforts for carpet cleaning in your house.¬† Always remember that only proper care will help you keep your carpets looking new and fresh for longer period of time. Only regular and timely carpet care guarantees a long life of your carpet!